10 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Using Poly Bags

Jun 1, 2018 | Shipping & Packaging

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Poly bags are useful for both branding and functionality. Here’s how your business can use poly bags as a service and marketing vehicle

Poly bags aren’t the first thing companies think about when trying to improve business outcomes. But there are a lot of reasons to think about plastic as part of your strategy. Here’s a list of 10 ways your company can get ahead by choosing plastic:

1. Branding
Businesses can tell their story and get their name out there to a large audience with poly mailer bags. How? Imagine having your logo displayed on a high-quality bag sent to your target audience. Those are the small things that make a difference.

2. Save on Shipping
Lightweight poly bags are an effective way to save on shipping, particularly if you have a big project.

3. Takeaways for Your Customers
Poly gives your customers an easy and secure way to carry their belongings out of your business. They will enjoy the convenience and ease of strolling around town with their purchases secured by poly.

4. Fitting Bags to Containers
Don’t forget practical purposes. Poly bags are great for fitting around containers.

5. Food Distribution
Whether your customers need something classy for takeout or you’re distributing food on a large scale, poly bags can do the trick.

6. Use in The Medical Industry
If your business is in medical, healthcare or another scientific field, poly bags are extremely useful for moving or disposing of products and materials.

7. Point of Purchase
Whether it’s a display or packaging, poly bags can make a difference for your presentation and logistics at any point of purchase.

8. Warehouse Work
In both hot and cold conditions, poly bags are useful for any type of warehouse work.

9. Clothing Industry
Using plastic is a staple in the clothing industry. Dry cleaners rely on them for every single project that goes out the door. Whether clothing is inbound or outbound, plastic does the job in the clothing business.

10. Educate with Plastic
School supplies and various events in education can be made better and more organized with poly bags. Your company is sure to be noticed when the little ones are carrying a bag with your name on it!

Poly bags are lightweight, affordable and come in many styles. Your business can infuse branding and functionality together with bags from Brown and Pratt. Get a free quote for customized bags for your business today!

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