Using Environmental Friendly Packaging With These 10 Ideas

Jan 30, 2019 | Packaging Materials

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In today’s environment of instant gratification and e-commerce fueling a massive boom in shipping, it’s easy for customers to consume more packaging than ever before. As this trend meets the need for more recycling and eco-conscious thinking, it’s up to businesses to find solutions that will allow them to lower their environmental impact while still maintaining a high level of quality in their products.

Brown & Pratt has been finding innovative solutions to customer packaging needs since 1954, and as the landscape shifts, we’ve stayed at the forefront of our field. See some ideas on environmentally friendly packaging that can put your business ahead of the curve.

Recyclable Materials

Materials like cardboard and plastic have a wide array of uses in packaging, able to meet many of your potential packaging needs. Better yet, these materials are entirely recyclable, able to be broken down and reconstituted into new materials. Marking a focus on recyclable materials shows that your business has an intention to behave responsibly.

Materials that use less energy

When you compare it to glass or metals that might be present in some packaging designs, plastic is a far more energy-efficient material. It both takes less energy to manufacture on the back end which helps with costs, as well as being lighter and easier to ship during the distributions process, reducing emissions on the front end.

Find the right size of packaging

Some of the most significant gains to be made in eco-friendly package design come in slimming down the margins of excess material. Brown & Pratt has a wide range of sizes and configurations for our packaging services, and we can find the right size to get your items shipped and packed safely with as little material as possible.

Use packaging your customers can reuse

Giving packaging a life outside of its original intended purpose can help eliminate waste as well as give your customers added value when they buy your products. Our printed paper and plastic bags are durable, allowing your customers to keep using them and continuing to advertise your business while reducing waste.

Make it biodegradable

A longstanding problem with packaging is that if it isn’t properly disposed of, it won’t break down naturally and will have a lasting impact on the environment. One of the hottest emerging trends in the industry is that of biodegradable packaging. Packaging made from materials including paper and cornstarch can easily compost, helping eliminate this problem.

Encourage recycling on your packaging

As your partners able to meet a full range of customized printing needs on your packaging, Brown & Pratt is able to include any message that you want across a variety of materials. For your recyclable packaging materials, a great opportunity is in including a pro-recycling message on the outside of your boxes or bags. Not only will this increase the likelihood that your customers recycle, but it will also convey a much more pro-environmental message on behalf of your company.

Find partners trained to eliminate waste

So much waste in packaging comes from partners who don’t know how much they need to actually pack a specific item. This leads to inefficient overhead, as well as too much packaging used during the process. Our team is full of experts in packaging, ready to make your needs our top priority.

Print with the right materials

On your packaging materials, you’ll want to be sure that the inks don’t bleed and find their way into the environment, causing damage and a difficult to clean element of packaging. Brown & Pratt’s water base flexographic inks have the highest adhesion and won’t transfer harsh chemicals into the environment.

Strip down on your design

Often, convention means that you might be using more packaging than you actually need for your items. Collaborate with Brown & Pratt to think outside the box on your packaging, and come up with a striking, stripped-down design that catches the eye and uses less material.

Keep multiple packages together with recyclable stretch film

If you’re transporting in bulk, keeping items together is a common practice for preventing damage and allowing for greater efficiency in the process. By using recyclable stretch film in the process, you’ll be able to get rid of any excess waste throughout your shipping processes.

As eco-friendly packaging continues to grow in relevance and more businesses than ever are looking for smart solutions, Brown & Pratt is ready to stand by and be your expert partner in shaping your shipping and packaging for the better and greener. Contact us today, and start more environmentally conscious practices today.

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