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Did you use a bottle of shampoo to wash your hair this morning? Did you check your email today on a laptop? If you answered “yes”, then you have benefited from the warehouse & distribution industry and have indirectly benefited from the experts at Brown & Pratt, Inc. We supply numerous, high-quality products to the Warehousing & Distribution Industry.

Brown & Pratt has the broadest variety of the highest quality products in the Midwest. Everything that you own, eat, and use was at some time during the distribution process in a box, stacked on a skid, wrapped with stretch wrap. 

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Brown & Pratt’s hand and machine stretch wrap lines are led by our superior AEP Brand stretch film manufactured by AEP Industries. AEP is the largest stretch wrap manufacturer supplying the highest quality film on the market!  At Brown & Pratt, we do NOT private label our stretch films.

The AEP label on each skip can indicate to you the quality guarantee of our wrap and confirms by its ISO certification that all specifications are met. Private labeling makes it easy to cheat.  At Brown & Pratt, you get exactly what is expected and anything less is unacceptable to us.

Phone 888-353-1664 and tap into our 49-Plus years of honest experience in the service of the Warehouse & Distribution Industry. Tape, labels, corner protectors, and dozens of other products make Brown & Pratt the best choice for serving your warehousing needs!

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