Indianapolis Businessed Meet High Demands With Shipping Supplies

Oct 23, 2013 | Shipping & Packaging

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As many Indianapolis businesses know, the city is a national fulfillment hub. Major corporations like Amazon and Zenith Global have opened fulfillment centers in the city, citing noting its one-day access to more than half of the country. For the many businesses shipping from the bustling city each day, it’s important to have the appropriate supplies to speed up shipping processes once an order has been placed.

Important Shipping Factors

There are several factors Indianapolis businesses consider when choosing shipping supplies for their packages. Providing the padding to keep items safe during shipment is, of course, the top priority for most businesses, but it’s also important that shipping materials provide the ability to legibly display shipping addresses. Professionalism is another important factor. A clean package that proudly displays company logos can make a positive lasting impression on new customers. Here are a few ways Indianapolis businesses set themselves apart through packaging.

Specialized Boxes

Some businesses ship computer supplies, while others specialize in fashion. When it comes to retail shipping, no two businesses have identical needs. A business should find the box selection that matches its own specific products. When boxes are sized to fit particular items, less packing materials are needed, increasing the professional appearance of a shipment while at the same time saving money.

Alert Labels

When you need to alert shipping companies that fragile contents are inside a package, it isn’t enough to simply scrawl “Fragile” across the top of the box. A professionally-printed label will make a much more positive impression. Labels are also available to alert customers to the fact that a packing list is enclosed, boxes should be opened on a certain end, hazardous materials are inside, and more.

Pre-Printed Interior Envelopes

When a packing list needs to be inserted into a package, a professionally-printed envelope reading “Packing List Enclosed” can help keep the list safe from damage. The envelopes also provide a more professional presentation.

Protective Filler

Once your items are in transit, you’ll have no control over how they’re handled. To minimize the risk of damage, many Indianapolis businesses use padding. Each version of padding has its own benefits. Bubble and foam wrap are popular choices, although they can be expensive. Loose fill options like Styrofoam peanuts can be less expensive but also messier for customers, who find that they spill onto the floor while they try to remove items from shipping boxes.

Indianapolis businesses are thriving due to the ability to ship to more than half of the country within one day. To ensure shipments arrive both safely and quickly, businesses should choose the best professional shipping options for their own particular needs.

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