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Before you reinvent the wheel on your next custom-printed packaging design, be sure to check with Brown and Pratt at the start for a die-line template of the specific product, size, and style you need. Reaching out for a die-line template at the beginning of the design or quoting process will expedite your quote and ensure 100% accuracy in the product’s features as well as your print. It helps to guarantee quoting accuracy by giving us the ability to display to our estimating team precisely how you’re looking to print your packaging item. Tooling suppliers can quote much more tight and accurate pricing when they have a more official idea of the features of the packaging item or what the print will look like including the amount of print coverage.
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What is a Die-Line Template?

A die-line template is like a blueprint for a packaging item such as a box, bag, roll of tape, envelope, pocket folder, and so on. It’s a two-dimensional (2D) diagram that shows what the individual item looks like before being assembled, filled, or applied if it were lying flattened out. It also indicates essential details such as cut lines, fold lines, gussets, and perforation lines. If the packaging item is also going to be custom-printed, artwork can also be placed on the die-line template. Adobe Illustrator is a common software program used for artwork positioning on die-line templates. Many printers and graphics companies prefer high-resolution artwork provided in an illustrator form (often Ai or EPS). If you don’t have in-house graphic design capabilities, Brown and Pratt is happy to provide die-line design services as needed to help you finalize your custom-printed box design. Art & design time is typically billed on a per-hour basis by most graphic designers.

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How a Die-Line Template Works

The main three types of lines shown on a die-line template are dotted perforation lines, cut lines, and fold lines. On bag die-lines you may see vents, eye marks, holes, handles or handle holes, and other important features. For boxes, depending on what kind of box is being made, the die-line template may also show glue tabs and production class stamps and item identification on the carton’s bottom flaps. All these different details on the die-line template ensure the final physical package layout is correct so you end up with the packaging item you expected. A die-line template is also a layered 2D diagram. The layers are important because the creation of a custom-printed box, bag, or other packaging item happens in stages. The manufacturer will run through the layers in a particular order, especially for printing flexographically, because each color would be an individual layer in the artwork. When thinking about boxes, perforation typically happens first, then cutting, and then the fold lines help guide the final assembly of the package.


Custom-Printed Packaging with Die-Line Templates

If the packaging item you need will also include custom-printed graphics for branding purposes, the die-line template is where you can see all the different panels or sides where artwork can be placed. When a die-line template is chosen for the type of product you want to custom-print, additional lines are added to the diagram that are relevant to the printing process, typically including but not limited to the following:

  • Bleed Lines mark the physical edge of the material. If you need printing to go right to the edge, then the artwork (or at least the background) needs to extend just past the bleed line.
  • Trim Lines are typically placed to ensure there is at least an eighth of an inch buffer to prevent cutting off any essential graphic design artwork, text, and so on.
  • Crease Lines also are typically placed at least an eighth of an inch from crucial artwork portions if you don’t want some printed elements to end up on a fold line.

The die-line template is a critical element in creating any packaging product, and even more so when creating a custom-printed packaging product.

Brown & Pratt: Your Partner for Custom Packaging and Shipping Supplies

When your business needs packaging or shipping supplies expertise, Brown and Pratt brings nearly 70 years of experience to the table. Back in 1940, Leonard J. Brown and his wife Evelyn got into the packaging industry, specializing in paper and paperboard packaging items sold primarily to laundries and dry cleaners. In 1954 Brown & Pratt was incorporated and has since morphed into a full-range supplier of custom packaging and shipping supplies. We’ve kept up with all the changing trends and capabilities in the packaging and shipping supplies industry, and this deep expertise is leveraged to obtain superior results on every project for each client. Our reputation is built on excellence in customer service, which means we work closely with every client from start to finish within a collaborative framework of mutual trust and understanding.

If it’s time for your business to leverage Brown and Pratt’s expertise and commitment to excellence for better custom packaging results, we look forward to hearing from you. Start the conversation by reaching out to us through the Contact page of our website, calling us at 888-659-9450, or filling out our online Request a Quote form. We are always ready to help!

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