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Q: Are there any up front charges to print on a bag?

A: Yes. There is almost always a one-time-only charge to produce your custom printing plates. All printing plates are priced, made, and billed by the square inch. The larger the plate size is the more expensive the one-time-charge will be for your custom printing plates. One time printing plate charges normally range between $150.00 – $800.00 depending on the size of the print and the number of ink colors.

Q: How many ink colors can we print?

A: The quick answer is: as many as you can possibly need. We can print up to 10 colors of ink depending on the quantity you’d like to order. The more bags you need, the easier it is to print more ink colors.

Q: What if I need help with my print design?

A: At Brown & Pratt, Inc. we have several staff artists to assist you in transforming your rough sketches into a clean PDF design for your ultimate approval.

Q: How long do the printing plates usually last?

A: There are 2 ways to answer this: time and quantity. From the perspective of time, usually printing plates will last 5 to 8 years depending on how they are cleaned (after use) and stored. To answer the question based on quantity, most printing plates will print 400,000 – 500,000 poly bags. Many times, printing plates can print more bags, but this is dependent on how the plates are cleaned and stored.

Q: Can I print on both sides of my bag?

A: Absolutely! In most cases, we recommend that you print on both sides. For the typical application, it makes good money sense to print on both sides.

Q: Does it cost extra to print on both sides of my bag?

A: Yes & No. While there will be extra one-time printing plate costs, there should be no additional cost per bag.

Q: Will I know all of the cost up-front to print my bag before I officially order?

A: Yes, definitely! After we work out the size of your bag, we’ll help you work through your print requirements. All charges will be disclosed prior to your final purchase order.

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