What are the different types of brochure folds available for your business?

A business can achieve so much more promotionally with the right brochure, with sizing and folding options being up to you. You will want to consider how much information you want to display and how much room you will need in your brochure for this. The Box Printing Company can help you find the brochure that is just right for your needs.

A bi-fold brochure has simply one fold in it and therefore four panels of space. This is the most popular type of business brochure out there and they are quite inexpensive to produce. This type of brochure also works great for spreading the word about your business at trade shows.

A tri-fold brochure gives a company a total of six panels to work with for additional information and graphics. These brochures are often more lightweight, which allows for easy transportation on the go. They are also quite reasonably priced to meet any kind of budget.

Another type of six paneled brochure is the Z-fold brochure. The inside panels fold against each other in a Z-formation, while the usual front and back panels create the usual striking appearance. These are rising in popularity, as they are cheaper to produce than tri-fold models.