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Dies and Printing Plates for Corrugated Boxes

Die Cut Items

A cutting die is a tool made from heavy plywood, and steel rule, which is bent into the shape of the item to be made, and inserted into the plywood.

Cutting dies are used to make items such as mailers, displays, file boxes, and any item that has a self-locking or self-assembling design. The cutting die is mounted into a die cutting press, which stamps out the item.

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Printing plates

Are similar to rubber stamps, and are used to print line art and text directly onto corrugated boxes. This process is known as flexographic printing. It uses water-based inks, which have a flat finish. For every image to be printed, a plate is required. These plates are mounted onto a sheet of material that matches the item, so the print will be in the proper position each time the item is made. Items that are printed in multiple colors require a separate set of plates for each color.

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