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Louisville Custom Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Corrugated Box Supplier for Louisville Businesses

Stack of Blue and white paper boxes, liningBrown & Pratt is your supplier in Louisville for corrugated boxes. We offer high-quality boxes, bags, and other shipping supplies, as well as the most reliable service in the industry. We understand that packing and shipping supplies like corrugated boxes are not an afterthought for your company – they are an essential element of your company’s success. We want to help you grow and ensure you have the boxes and shipping supplies you need when you need them.

Custom Options

Brown & Pratt offers custom produced corrugated boxes. We work with you to determine what type of box best suits your needs and we design your supply of boxes to your specifications. You choose the size and shape of your box and we do the rest.

We take time to get to know your company and your shipping needs. Choosing and ordering the right corrugated boxes is about more than just picking a small, medium, or large box. We offer numerous different styles of boxes, including ones that are insulated. These insulated boxes ensure items arrive at their destination in the condition your customers expect.

Our selection includes a wide range of styles and colors. We work with you until we find the right boxes for your products.

Branding Opportunities

You have an opportunity every time an item leaves your store or factory to share your company’s message with the world. Not only does sending a product to a customer ensure he or she will develop an opinion, people along the way are also affected.

Your boxed product is handled by many different people on its way to its final destination. Our printed boxes make it possible to let each of these handlers know exactly where the box originated.

Printed boxes from Brown & Pratt are custom designed with your company’s needs in mind. We can print boxes with logo designs or text, and offer printing in multiple colors.

What’s on the inside of the box needs to be protected – but what’s on the outside of the box is important, too. That’s why our printed corrugated boxes are a great marketing tool for your company.

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