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Fort Wayne Saves Money on Shipping Supplies with Brown & Pratt

The Internet has created a global marketplace for many businesses. Retailers are no longer limited to selling items to people in their region. Even a small local business could entertain orders from the other side of the world.

This globalization means businesses must now direct resources toward shipping. This is especially important for retailers who specialize in delicate items that could easily become damaged in transit. High-quality, effective packing shipping supplies, and boxes are essential to a business’s reputation as customer-friendly and reliable.

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Quality Supplies

From boxes to tape to packing material, businesses shouldn’t cut corners on quality when they’re shopping for shipping supplies. Fort Wayne businesses have discovered that when it comes to dependable shipping supplies that keep their business running well, Brown & Pratt is the best. With a product line that has been perfected over a full decade of working with companies all over Indiana, we work directly with each customer to find the perfect shipping solution.

One of the first major shipping choices a customer makes is its containers. There are a variety of options for getting items from one point to another, so the choice usually hinges on the type of item being mailed. The box should be roomy enough to hold the item but not so roomy that the item might move dramatically during shipment. Brown & Pratt offers corrugated boxes, heavy-duty boxes, and containers specifically designed for mailing hazardous materials.

Securing Items for Shipment

Before purchases can arrive safely in the homes of happy customers, they must first be secured using grade-A materials. Brown & Pratt has bubble and foam mailers, as well as loose fill packing Styrofoam. These mailing materials provide the protection businesses need for their mailings while also being lightweight enough to avoid adding weight to packages.

Brown & Pratt also offers newsprint, edge protectors, and other items that can come in handy for wrapping items up and securing them. Fort Wayne customers should also consider the accompanying labels that can alert shipping personnel that the internal contents of a package may need some additional TLC.

Specialized Items

Unique businesses have unique needs when it comes to shipping. We offer cable ties, Velcro tape, glue dots, and rubber bands to help with those special touches a business needs. Items are available in a variety of quantities and types to fit a client’s specific needs. We can also help businesses find the perfect type of poly bags for mailings that require them. Whether a business is shipping candy or large furniture, Brown & Pratt has the perfect packaging available.

Contact Brown & Pratt today for a free consultation. We can help identify specific shipping needs and recommend a full suite of solutions to meet those needs. Once a company has discovered the perfect shipping supplies to safeguard items in transit, the work of making customers happy with reliable, friendly service will be made much easier.

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