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Custom Plastic Printed Shopping Bags for Fort Wayne

Brown & Pratt Provides Printed Boxes in Ft. Wayne and Allen County

For any business that ships items, custom printed boxes can prove a great branding tool. When every item shipped features a high-quality rendition of a business’s logo on the box, a business benefits from increased visibility. Not only is the branding seen while in transit, many customers re-purpose shipping packaging, which means even more people will be exposed to it.

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Color Options for Printed Boxes

Fort Wayne businesses aren’t required to do full-color printing on a box when they work with Brown & Pratt. With single-color printing available, you can make the same statement while also saving money. If you don’t already have a design that works well with Brown & Pratt’s boxes, a team of designers can work to create the perfect look, either using existing design items or creating new ones.

Recognizing that boxes often withstand a great deal of wear during their lifecycle, Brown & Pratt uses ink that resists condensation and other challenges that can degrade cardboard. Brown & Pratt uses the industry-standard Pantone Matching System color system, which provides customers with an accurate match to the finished product. Customers can use the online color chart to select the perfect color for their orders.

Fulfillment for Small Orders

Businesses in Fort Wayne and around Allen County don’t have to order in bulk to take advantage of Brown & Pratt’s great pricing. Brown & Pratt offers quotes for orders of all sizes, with competitive pricing even on small orders. While larger orders utilize flexographic printing and lithographic labels, smaller orders rely on digital printing to provide high-quality results at low prices.

When a business works with Brown & Pratt, it receives a full-service solution. Everything from boxes to shipping labels can be provided, as well as supplemental supplies like tape, packing material, and labels. This helps you achieve consistency in the shipping and ordering process, while also giving them access to Brown & Pratt’s superior customer service.

A Fort Wayne Staple for Printed Boxes

Based in Indianapolis, Brown & Pratt believes in supporting your community. Businesses of all sizes, in all industries, rely on Brown & Pratt to create visually-appealing boxes for all their shipping and packaging needs. Throughout Allen County, businesses have access to our high-quality printed boxes to package and ship their products to customers around the globe.

With Brown & Pratt, there’s a wide variety of choices in corrugated boxes, including regular slotted containers, half slotted containers, full overlap containers, and more. Brown & Pratt can work with your businesses to determine the best box size and packing material to fit their line of products, keeping in mind the placement of printed logos on the box.

Brown & Pratt is an affordable solution for printed boxes. From full-color logos to printing that will withstand the abuses of the shipping and storage process, Brown & Pratt is an important supporter of the Fort Wayne business community. Contact us today for more information or a free consult.

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