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Custom Plastic Printed Shopping Bags for Fort Wayne

Brown & Pratt Supplies Printed Bags in Fort Wayne

Custom Printed Bags are the staple of any retail business, but they provide far more than a container for purchased goods. When a customer takes a shopping bag out of a store, the business’s logo and name are on display for everyone to see. This opportunity is multiplied if the bag is re-purposed for carrying items after the fact.

Brown & Pratt sees the advertising benefits of shopping bags and works directly with businesses in the Fort Wayne area to find an affordable, eye-catching solution that will provide years of great marketing. Businesses can order in small quantities or large, with a variety of color options available.

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Small Quantities of Printed Bags

If you need fewer than 3,000 bags, Brown & Pratt uses post printing to help save money without the need to store a large quantity of extra bags. Businesses can choose from a selection of in-stock colored bags and add one- or two-colored printing, including text and graphics that represent their brand.

A Brown & Pratt representative can work directly with your business to help pinpoint the best bag style and colors to promote your brand. Small quantities of bags are often used for conferences and meetings, where bags are only needed for hundreds or thousands of attendees. Small quantities are often used by businesses like tanning beds and salons, where product sales aren’t as large a part of daily business as they are at retail shops.

When You Need Large Quantities of Printed Bags

For orders of 3,000 to 5,000 bags or more, Brown & Pratt uses custom printing, working with the customer to create a film. The film can then be used to make bags in the color and style the business prefers. Up to eight separate ink colors are available for larger orders and a wide selection of bags can be used to create that unique look.

Whether a business wants bags with handles, bags with drawstrings, reusable bags, or plastic bags, we will find the exact match that business needs. Because shopping bags are often subjected to a variety of elements during their lifecycle, Brown & Pratt uses only the best water-based ink colors. These inks are also accurate matches for the colors chosen by the customer to ensure the finished product is exactly as expected.

Businesses throughout Indiana use Brown & Pratt for their printing needs. Word-of-mouth has spread quickly because of our excellent quality and outstanding customer service. By working directly with each business, we’re able to determine the perfect solution to help businesses meet their long-term goals.

Fort Wayne businesses are quickly learning the promotional value of having well-designed bags to give customers. By working with Brown & Pratt, retailers of all types can get high-quality bags that stand out, whether customers are carrying them around a shopping center or using them to take items to work each morning. The more a business’s bag stands out, the more likely it is that potential customers will see it and choose to frequent that business because of it.

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