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Fort Wayne Corrugated Boxes Provide Safe Shipping

There is a genius behind the design of corrugated boxes, utilizing curved arches to create extra cushioning between layers of cardboard. While many consumers have received and sent shipments using corrugated boxes for years, they likely don’t realize how complex these shipping containers are, with their varying forms capable of withstanding tremendous pressure.

Corrugated boxes offer an inexpensive, durable way to ship items safely to customers around Fort Wayne – and around the world. They’re lightweight enough to keep shipping costs low, while also being strong enough to keep internal contents safe throughout the many elements they’ll encounter during the shipping process.

Since 1954, Brown & Pratt has worked hard to provide the shipping solutions businesses need. Among the many shipping solutions we offer are corrugated boxes in every shape and size. From telescoping boxes to standard file boxes to STE boxes, Brown & Pratt can serve as the single box solution throughout a business’s lifecycle.

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Custom Manufacturing of Boxes

In addition to its wide selection of box sizes, Brown & Pratt can create a box to match the exact specifications a customer needs. For businesses that regularly ship an item of a particular size, this can be useful, since once a die is cut, a business can use that tooling for additional jobs. We charge no extra fee for this because we believe it’s just a part of good customer service.

The curved arch on the inside of a corrugated box which provides the padding, is called “fluting.” There are multiple types of fluting available for boxes, graded based on thickness. Grade A fluting is the thickest, with density decreasing as the grades progress. Grade C fluting is the most popular in corrugated box, with Grade B coming in second.

The Perfect Solution for Shipping Needs

If the available grading doesn’t work for a company, we can help you find a specialized fluting solution that offers both the desired durability and weight. Overall, thicker fluting provides more strength and cushioning for interior contents. Less fluting is ideal for retail packaging, offering better capabilities for printing.

Brown & Pratt goes beyond mere product shipping solutions, offering boxes for storing files, packing computer equipment for storage or shipment, and moving boxes. For companies required to regularly ship hazardous items, Brown & Pratt carries a full line of foam shipper kits, hazardous material boxes, and the supplemental supplies a business needs.

For Fort Wayne businesses, Brown & Pratt is a trusted, affordable solution for shipping, packaging, and more. With custom printing available, you can trust us to supply all of the materials you need to keep your shipping operations running smoothly.

For more information on the many corrugated box sizes and styles available at Brown & Pratt, contact us today for a free consultation.

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