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Fort Wayne Shipping Supplies from Brown & Pratt

For more than half a century, Brown & Pratt has been providing custom packaging and shipping supplies to Fort Wayne businesses. From dry cleaners to retail stores, our custom-printed bags, boxes, and supplies are popular with businesses in all industries.

Located two hours from Indianapolis, Fort Wayne is a thriving town, complete with both public and private industry. The rapidly growing population has brought numerous retailers to the area that support the many employees in Ft. Wayne who work in the defense and healthcare industries.

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Custom Printing and Packing Solutions

Because there are a variety of budgets and customer bases, Brown & Pratt offers different levels of services. For some businesses, one-color printing is suitable to their logo style, while others may need two or three colors on their boxes or bags. Representatives work directly with each client to find an affordable, effective solution.

Among the many large businesses in Fort Wayne are numerous small merchants. Noting that all successful businesses began as startups, Brown & Pratt offers shipping supplies in small quantities for growing businesses. Even for small orders, pricing is competitive, allowing businesses to try out a new product without committing to storing mass quantities.

While the many bags, boxes, and supplies with business names on them may get noticed, Brown & Pratt offers many other items. Businesses use our fasteners, packing cushioning, labels, and many other items. Our competitive prices and wide selection make us the go-to shop for many Fort Wayne businesses. In addition to shipping and packaging, Brown & Pratt is also popular for those in need of corrugated boxes for moving and file storage.

Businesses of all sizes count on Brown & Pratt for high-quality, affordable shipping boxes, shopping bags, and supplies. Whether a business needs a small quantity or bulk amounts, we can provide the items it needs without breaking the budget.

Brown & Pratt is proud to serve the Fort Wayne business community and the many customers that continue to help area businesses thrive. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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