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Shipping Supplies for Cincinnati

Whether your business ships thousands of packages a day or hundreds a week, you need high-quality, affordable shipping supplies. For Cincinnati businesses, Brown & Pratt is becoming a preferred solution.

As you work to build your business, here are a few tips to help:

Know Your Products

What size are the products you’ll be shipping? Are they all the same shape or is each product unique? Before you can begin to devise a long-term shipping strategy, it’s important to know as much as possible about the dimensions of your merchandise. If possible, try to consolidate your shipments into a group of sizes that will allow you to buy your boxes and packing material in bulk. By purchasing each of these items in large quantities, you’ll save money.

Depend on Experience

Getting your shipping supplies from an experienced vendor like Brown & Pratt means you get seamless operations. We’re good at helping customize an individual plan for you, but when emergencies or high-volume situations arise, we can get shipping supplies to you quickly.

Packaging Can Affect Shipping Costs

Before ordering packaging and cartons in bulk, check postage costs. By finding a way to ship in a container of a different weight or dimension, you may be able to cut postage on each item significantly. Also make sure your shipping boxes aren’t adding extra ounces to each shipping due to their thickness. Brown & Pratt offers a variety of corrugated boxes that provide protection to internal contents without adding unnecessary weight.

Choosing Lightweight Filler

In keeping with the above weight issue, it’s important to choose packing materials that provide protection without adding weight. Loose fill and bubble wrap are both ideal solutions for this, giving cushioning while still keeping shipments lightweight. When a business is shipping items in bulk, even a savings of a few ounces per package can make a big difference.

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At Brown & Pratt our experienced shipping professionals can help you find a shipping solution that’s ideal for your business’ needs. If you need custom printing on shipping containers, we can help you choose the right ink and design, as well as finding the best shipping carton sizes and materials to save your business money. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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