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Custom Printed Boxes for Cincinnati

Cincinnati-area businesses are using custom printed boxes more than ever, thanks to the popularity of online ordering for everything from take-out food to retail items to bulk order supplies.

Customers expect when items arrive from a business, the packaging is professional and high-quality. At Brown & Pratt, we work hard to ensure a business always puts its best foot forward, allowing even the smallest businesses to appear as though they’re major retailers.

The best way to present yourself professionally is to brand your packaging with the logo and font style your customers associate with your business. As it goes from your warehouse to the customer, your brand will be prominently displayed to everyone who comes into contact with it. This additional marketing will help increase brand awareness without adding an expense to your budget.

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Logo Presentation

Our team of talented, friendly associates will work with your business to find the best look for your box. If cost is a concern, we can use one-color printing o bring your logo to life. Through the use of white boxes, some Cincinnati businesses have found they can maximize the use of one signature color to make a logo stand out.

For businesses that prefer a multi-color printing on their boxes, Brown & Pratt can print your logo using a printing method that works best for your design. Two-color printing is the most affordable option, with crisp, clear color that pops, but for a finished, glossy look, businesses will need to go with full-color printing. Our team will work directly with your team to help you decide between lithographic or digital printing for your multi-color logo, while also recommending the closest color matches to your other printed logos.

Box Styles

In addition to shipping, businesses need custom printed boxes for packaging items and gift-wrapping products for recipients. Brown & Pratt has boxes with different folding styles to meet the look at functionality a business needs. As businesses describe the type of products that will be contained in its boxes, our team works to suggest the best box style to accommodate those needs.

For businesses with shipping at the heart of operations, Brown & Pratt also offers a variety of choices. We have more than 30 different styles of corrugated boxes, providing the optimum protection for your goods without sacrificing attractiveness or adding weight. This allows you to affordably ship your items, saving money for your customers and leading to more sales.

For Cincinnati businesses in need of boxes and supplies, Brown & Pratt is an affordable, customer-friendly choice. Contact us today and let us help provide you with the custom printed boxes for your business.

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