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Printed Bags for Cincinnati

Plastic shopping bags are the lifeblood of any retail store, holding purchases and being carried through malls, shopping centers, and parking lots. For Cincinnati residents who pass those customers as they’re exiting your store, wouldn’t you want your brand to be prominently displayed?

Brown & Pratt has been providing custom printed bags since 1954. As processes and materials have changed over the years, we’ve worked hard to provide the best products while still maintaining our value to you as a business owner.

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A Variety of Styles

You want a shopping bag that accurately reflects your brand. Instead of a standard plastic bag with barely-legible print, Brown & Pratt strives to provide colorful, classy bags that catch attention wherever they’re seen. From fold-over, die cut bags to hold small items to much larger snap-handle bags, we can customize your solution to the types of items you typically sell.

Branding Opportunities

Reusable shopping bags have increased in popularity in recent years. Brown & Pratt can manufacture non-woven polypropylene bags that your customers can take with them to the grocery store or department stores to help conserve bag manufacturing. Your bags can be printed with your logo and company name to ensure each time one of your bags is used, your logo get in front of another set of eyes.

Order in Various Amounts

Brown & Pratt can work directly with a business to find the perfect bag to display its signature colors and branding. For quantities of 3,000-5,000 bags, up to eight different colors can be used to bring your logo and company name to life.

For growing businesses, Brown & Pratt offers the opportunity to order small quantities of bags. Two bag styles are available for orders under 3,000 and printing can be done on either one or both sides of the bags. One- or two-color printing is available for smaller quantities of bags. A representative can work with a business to pinpoint a printing and bag style that best displays its brand.

Shopping bags do far more than hold items. They provide a great marketing opportunity for your Cincinnati business.

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