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Shipping Cartons Offer Protection during Shipping and Handling

Shipping cartons are important because they are often the only item separating a shipment from danger to the product. Without a sturdy carton, valuable items are exposed to the elements, as well as all the handling that occurs from location to location.

It is important to carefully choose cartons and accessories that are right for a particular product. Mailing cartons are only functional and effective when they are well suited for the particular shipment they are designed to protect.

What are Your Options for Shipping Cartons?

Our selection of cartons for shipping includes both folding cartons and pre-assembled cartons. Within each of those categories we offer packing cartons that are suitable for a variety of uses.

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Folding Cartons

Our folding carton collection includes reverse tuck cartons in both white and kraft colored cardboard in varying sizes. There are also kraft and white gift boxes, kraft and white apparel boxes, and stationary folding cartons.

Pre-Assembled Cartons

Our pre-assembled cartons feature a variety of different jewelry box options in both kraft and white colors, as well as stationary set-up cartons. Each of these shipping cartons is sturdy and ideal for protecting items during shipment, especially if the items are small and should not be mixed or tangled up.

Shipping Pads Offer Additional Protection

In addition to the variety of shipping cartons available, we also feature accessories to further help you organize and protect items during shipment. For instance, you can use sturdy chipboard shipping pads to protect items that must lay flat. This is ideal if you are shipping paper, magazines, books, or anything else that needs a simple extra layer of protection. These items can then be surrounded with packing peanuts or other box filler, or sent in a box that is form-fitted to the item. The important thing is the shipping pads prevent pages from bending or tearing.

Choosing the right shipping cartons, pads, and other accessories to suit your needs can seem like a lot of extra work at first, but it pays in the long run. Protecting your items during shipment protects your bottom line. We’ll make it easy by helping you choose from the various shipping cartons and pads. In nearly every case there is a shipping option that is perfect for whatever you need. And we can always custom design something to suit unique needs.

If you would like to know more about shipping cartons or you have specific shipping needs you want to address, we can help. Contact us today for more information.

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