What are the advantages of clamshell blister packs?

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What are the advantages of a blister pack?

Blister packs can serve your business with a number of unique benefits. One of these is the security offered by clamshell blister packs. These consist of two combined plastic sheets or a single sheet that folds over itself. The result is a package that resists store tampering and instead needs to be taken home to be opened with scissors.

This type of individualized printed packaging also ensures the shelf life of pharmaceutical products. Another plus is that these packs allow for labeling of each day of the week to correspond with daily doses. Tablet or capsule blister packs are also known as a blister strip.

Such containers may also prove functional to those in the medical field looking for medical devices packaging. Medical blister trays are not intended to have a lidding that one pushes through; they instead peel open once ready for use. A thicker plastic sheet makes for a more solid package that is resistant to pressure since these devices must be handled with extra care.

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