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Industrial Laundry & Dry Cleaning Supplies

Dry Cleaning Supplies for Indianapolis

Since 1954, we have proudly supplied the specialized products to the Industrial Laundry & Dry cleaning Industries. Our customer service, dedicated sales staff, and many years of experience separate us from our competition. As both industries have evolved, we have adjusted our product offerings to remain the preferred supplier of Indianapolis and the Midwest!

Customizing your packaging: Many of the products we carry can be customized to better brand your business. Although this can mandate larger minimum quantities, we can warehouse these items and release to you as needed.


Garment Poly

We inventory all popular sizes of sloped shoulder garment poly including 40″, 54″, 60″ and 72″ lengths. We can also customize the size and thickness to meet your needs. All garment poly can be printed with up to 3 colors to better market your business!

Laundry Wrap

We inventory the most trusted brands in the industry ¦ AEP Clingmaster & Sispak Super-Duty Laundry Wraps. In-stock for immediate delivery are all standard sizes including: 30″, 34″, and 36″ widths in 40 Gauge, 45 Gauge Commercial, and 50 Gauge. All sizes and thicknesses are available upon request. Phone a sales representative for more information!

Cohesive Paper Bands

For industrial laundries, we inventory a 1 7/8″ x 26″ plain brown kraft shop towel band with a self-sticking cohesive paper. We offer the ability to customize these bands based on the paper color (white or brown kraft) and up to 3 colors of print. Other popular applications include: shirt bands, sweater bands, and tie bands.


We inventory the only Indiana made Galvanized garment hanger in the state! Our standard sizes include both 16″ and 18″ widths. Our 16″ hangers feature a latex dipped bottom to better accommodate slacks & pants. The 100% galvanized steel is rust-free and re-usable for a lifetime!


Whether it’s a trash can or Laundry cart, we inventory an inexpensive bag to fit your need! From high-density trash bags to high quality route driver pick-up bags, we are your single source supplier.

Twist Ties

For the purpose of marking orders, binding multiple hangers together, or tagging we carry a variety of sizes and colors to fit your needs.

Printed Clothes Capes

We offer up to 2 colors of print on a high-quality paper clothes cover. For the laundry, these capes keep your name front-and-center infront of your customer. For the customer, these inexpensive paper capes will protect their garments as they hang in the closet!

Shirt Packaging

Shirt Bags, Shirt Boxes, Soft-Fold Shirt Sheets, and Shirt Boards for a sharper fold, we inventory these items to accommodate your shirt packaging needs.

Other Products

Gloves, Masks, Bouffant Caps, Hair Nets, and Shoe Covers.