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Custom Printed Packaging Brown Pratt

Custom Printed Packaging for your Branding Needs

Brown & Pratt has decades of experience providing printing and packaging services

Every business wants to make sure that their audiences remember them. Finding every available point where they see your brand and taking advantage is the best possible strategy for this. Brown & Pratt is able to help by creating a customized experience as soon as the customer sees your packaging. We have the customizable equipment, packaging sizes, color options and manufacturing capabilities to bring your brand to life!
custom printed packaging improves your branding visability

How Custom Printed Packaging Helps Your Business

In today’s fast-paced world, brands are all around. It’s impossible to go down the street without seeing a wide variety of messaging. In this environment, a business needs to promote themselves at every point of the interaction process. The brand can’t just start at your website, location or product. Instead, it has to be everywhere so that people can see it and recognize it instantly.

For example, let’s assume that you’re someone who gets lots of boxes every week. Your brand’s box will be one of many that they see, and without anything special it won’t stand out. By creating custom-printed packaging that comes to life and showcases your brand, you will have burst outside the traditional look that most brands fall into. With a brand that’s easier to recognize, you’ll be able to create a brand journey that lives at every step of the process. From the outside of the box to the packaging itself, Brown & Pratt can make you stand out.

A Total Range of Customizable Items

It’s important to consider the boxes, tape and other materials you can use to bring your brand to life for the consumer. Brown & Pratt is able to offer a total range of items that will be sure to leave your logo in the minds of everyone who sees your packaging.

We offer many commercial box styles, and we’re able to accommodate you no matter what your needs are. Regular slotted containers, full overlap containers, half slotted containers, five panel folders, knock down flat trays and one-piece folders are all among our most popular container shapes. We have the ability to customize and meet your business needs for a complete brand presence inside and outside your packaging. Looking to seal up your packaging? Our custom printed tape shows that you care about showing your brand everywhere. Your customers will notice that you pay attention to the details. Custom printed tape can be used for more than just your logo, though. It can show information about your packages, keeping them safe and secure.

Customizable, Beautiful, Yours

Every customized package we create is made with you in mind. We have decades of experience working with clients from every industry, and we’re able to provide the perfect solution to whatever color or design you need. We work tirelessly to bring your designs to life and create stunning packaging.
Custom printed packaging increases brand awareness

We work to faithfully create a packaging design through an advanced color-matching system. This brings the most vivid colors and details to life. We create custom printing plates for your order, making it easy to mass produce as many units as you need to suit your growing business. Our water-based flexographic inks come in a huge array of colors. These are durable enough to stand up to every type of wear and tear they can go through.

Customer service and customizability are at the heart of what we do. we allow you to create and design products that are totally unique and work exactly for you. From configuration and layout, to packaging features like handles, dividers, etc., to biodegradability and beyond, Brown & Pratt has the experience and equipment to make sure that you have the product that you were hoping for. As you wow your customers and live out your brand across every channel, you’ll know that your packaging needs are secured and in the good hands of trusted professionals.

Since 1954, Brown & Pratt has been the custom printing and packaging answer for businesses looking to make their mark with their customers. Over the decades we’ve provided our products to clients in industries including restaurants, manufacturing, medical, warehousing & distribution, retail, laundry & dry cleaning, and more. Whether you’re a large firm looking to use custom manufacturing or a small business that’s more used to working with post-printing options, we have the experience and manufacturing capabilities to make your products and brand stand apart. Contact us today, create your custom printed packaging and allow us to deliver your brand to your customers.