While 96% of Americans shop online, 49% of shoppers still prefer to see a product in person before they bring it home. So how does your business meet the demands of the consumers?

What Is Unboxing And Why Does It Matter?

The act or instance of removing a newly purchased product from its packaging and examining its features, typically when filmed and shared on a social media site.

Marketing influencers seen on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram are taking over the unboxing world, especially as the season of giving approaches. Social media users like this offer the option to see a product in use by a real person, instead of having to rely solely on a written review that could be paid for or bot-generated. Companies utilize the unboxing experience to create unique opportunities and display their products to prospective customers. But how effective would this approach be without branding and customization?

Customized By You

Businesses that primarily use online-based shipping methods, specifically ones who offer monthly gift subscriptions, are trending more and more towards customized boxes or unique packaging options to help them stand out in a mass of traditional brown cardboard. The success of this concept can be traced to a can of Coke. Did a memory of a “Coca-Cola red” aluminum cylinder come to mind? The branding image is easy to recollect due to its consistent packaging.

Having a recognizable branded segment on the outside, followed by a quality product inside is the final opportunity for a lasting impression on customers – whether it’s their first or 50th time interacting with your business. But the box itself isn’t the only thing that can help have an impact. Everything from a quickly printed sheet of products facts to the packaging film – customizing the materials you place inside is another good unboxing practice to consider.

Personalized For Your Audience

Once you have your branded, external piece picked out, remember not to forget about what’s going inside the box. Imagine receiving a beautifully designed package only to find a disorganized, barren landscape upon opening it. The best unboxing experience you can create for your customers is one that’s customized, personable and memorable. With a vast ocean of internet surfing options, consumers want to feel like an individual – as if the package they received at their front door was put together just for them. When watching an unboxing video, you will notice a note addressed to the receiver, fun add-ons, and other promotional materials aside from the main product. Much like a new, exciting venue being opened, your unboxing should have that ribbon cutting, red carpet entrance feel.

From the tissue paper which ensures the safe journey of your delivery, to the packing tape that seals the deal, Brown & Pratt has the affordable custom products your unboxing needs.

We specialize in printed boxes, plastic bags, and printed tape that can give your delivery that personal touch. Customers opening a box to enjoy your product will remember you with a perfectly branded, memorable experience.

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