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Find the Best Dry Cleaner Bags and Supplies for Your Louisville Business

Dry Cleaning SuppliesDry cleaning businesses in the Louisville area have numerous opportunities to reach out to the community through the supplies they use every day. Dry cleaner bags, clothes capes, and paper bands are the perfect place to include your logo and branding, reminding your customers and everyone they pass on the street of the great services you offer.

It’s important, before choosing your dry cleaning packaging, that you select a supplier that provides high-quality products. These supplies will become the face of your business, creating your branding that will come to be known as the face of your business. Here are a few of the options available for branding and packaging customer clothing.

Garment Bags

Usually made of clear poly, dry cleaning garment bags are the cornerstone of any dry cleaning business. Not only do they safeguard clothing as they move from your shop to a customer’s car to a closet, but they also market your business name. At Brown & Pratt, Louisville dry cleaners can add a business’s name and logo in up to three colors to better catch customers’ attention. Poly bags are also available in a variety of the most popular lengths and thicknesses to allow cleaners to ensure all garments are properly covered.

Clothes Capes

Designed to protect the collar area of clothing throughout transit, clothes capes are made from printable paper. Because they’re so front-and-center, these capes provide the perfect branding opportunity for a business. Brown & Pratt can add a logo and design of up to two colors on clothing capes and because they can be produced so inexpensively, they make a great option. Some dry cleaners choose this as their sole branding opportunity, using Brown & Pratt’s clear bags to make sure a business’s logo is visible.

Paper Bands

For bundling items together, self-adhesive paper bands are the perfect solution. Brown & Pratt provides these paper bands to industrial laundries and dry cleaners throughout Louisville, printing logos of up to three colors, depending on the paper color chosen. These can be used with shirts, sweaters, and ties.

We give Louisville dry cleaners a variety of supplies at affordable rates. In addition to printable items, businesses can also buy gloves, twist ties, hangers, and much more.  Enjoy significant savings on the items they need every day – contact us today for more information.

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