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Fort Wayne Dry Cleaning, Laundry Supplies

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service Supplies for the Fort Wayne Area

Fort Wayne dry cleaning suppliesFew retailers have the packaging opportunities enjoyed by dry cleaning and laundry businesses. Many items can be customized with your company’s name and logo to put it in front of the customer on each visit. For Fort Wayne dry cleaners and laundry services, Brown & Pratt can create a full set of branded and non-branded supplies at affordable prices.


While customizing products usually requires a minimum order, Brown & Pratt can work with each customer to find an ideal suite of solutions. One of the most important branding tools in a dry cleaner’s arsenal is the garment bag, which is the most visible item as customers leave the store.

Brown & Pratt offers bags in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to handle a variety of items. Dresses, shirts, pants, and every other type of dry-cleaned item can be accommodated with this selection. Businesses can also choose from printing options in up to three different colors for an eye-catching design.

Additional Branding Opportunities

Clothing capes can provide protection for delicate clothes as they travel from dry cleaner to closet. But these capes offer an additional benefit to the dry cleaners that use them. Paper capes can be branded with a company’s logo in up to two colors, serving as a constant reminder to customers of your brand. Best of all, these capes are inexpensive to purchase, making it an affordable marketing tool.

Industrial laundries that serve the Fort Wayne area also have a branding opportunity in Brown & Pratt’s cohesive paper bands. These bands, which can be used for bundling clothing that has been laundered, offer a self-sticking adhesive to reduce the need for an additional step of stapling or binding the tag. Business logos can also be imprinted on these paper bands in up to three colors.

Non-Customized Items

For the many items used in the process of dry cleaning for thousands of customers, Brown & Pratt offers a variety of affordable tools. These include galvanized hangers designed to resist rust – and can be purchased in large quantities to help save money.

Establishments that use boxes to package shirts that have been cleaned will enjoy Brown & Pratt’s selection of shirt boxes. Bags and soft-fold shirt sheets are also available, as well as shirt boards to help keep shirts wrinkle-free and crisp during transport.

A wide variety of other items are also available from Brown & Pratt. You can enjoy affordable prices on gloves and masks, twist ties, liners and bags for route driver pickup, and more. We have been working with dry cleaning and laundry services around Indiana for years and have worked hard to refine our product line to meet your business needs.

If you’re not taking advantage of the branding opportunity available on the items you use every day, you’re missing a great opportunity. Contact Brown & Pratt today for a free consultation. We work personally with you to find a set of branding options that works perfectly for your needs; to reach out to the customers you value most.

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