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Cincinnati Dry Cleaning Supplies

Dry Cleaning Supplies for Cincinnati

Happy mid adult woman looking up while putting clothes in plasticCincinnati is a thriving city supported by numerous dry cleaners and industrial laundries. These businesses compete for business from Cincinnati’s many busy residents, who want top-quality, friendly service. To gain an edge, it’s important to use the best dry cleaning supplies available with branding that makes a favorable impression on customers.

Brown & Pratt can supply Cincinnati dry cleaners and industrial laundries with the products you need, from printed garment bags to cohesive paper bands for shirts and ties. With our affordable prices, businesses of all sizes can build their customer bases and stay on target budget-wise. Our products provide you with branded materials that help spread the word about your business.

Custom Solutions

Street traffic is heavy throughout Cincinnati – and when customers carry dry cleaning to their car, it has the potential to be seen by many people. Brown & Pratt’s custom-printed poly garment bags are ideal for branding your dry cleaning business for many customers to see. You can choose up to three colors to proudly represent your business name and logo, and bags are available in a variety of sizes to suit all of your customer needs.

Cincinnati industrial laundries can rely on Brown & Pratt for customized packaging. Towel bands can be personalized with a business’s brand in up to three colors to remind customers where they received the best laundry service in town.

Other Solutions

Recognizing that many shops have a need for non-branded supplies, Brown & Pratt offers a large selection of other dry cleaning supplies. There’s a daily need for products to help you better serve your clients and Brown & Pratt provides affordable solutions to meet those needs.

Many consumers never think about the many supplies required to run a dry cleaning or laundry business. Brown & Pratt offers those items, as well, working within your budget to find the best solution. From gloves and masks to shirt packaging and twist ties, each item features Brown & Pratt’s high-quality guarantee, which you can then pass on to your own customers.

Brown & Pratt is proud to provide dry cleaning supplies for industrial laundries located in the Cincinnati area. Realizing you have a commitment to your own loyal customers, Brown & Pratt works to ensure you have the products you need.

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